Build a deck from cards in your possession. The order in which you add them is the order in which they're played in battle.

Once you start battle, all you can do is watch it unfold and hope you'll win. There's only one turn.


  • arrow keys = left/right
  • Z = select
  • X = remove/back

This game was made for the GMTK Game Jam 2019, for which the theme was "Only One".


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Crashes after 3rd battle.

Not knowing what your opponent will do makes this feel like a game of luck. If I had some indication of the opponent's strategy/what they might do, it could be about predicting your opponent's moves.


interesting concept, but feels a bit random, and it doesn't really matter what cards i pick because i don't know what the opponent will pick.... AND I LOVE IT 

Haha good to hear ;)



Pretty good, sounds would be nice, though.

If I have some more time, I'll probably add some sounds :)


Error if you play for to long. Crashes with a runtime error but its pretty neat

Ooh good find. Thanks!